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Zelio is more than just any business app — it’s the more efficient way to work.

Working with multiple apps can be exhausting as a business owner when you have many things at hand. But with Zelio, there is no need to switch between applications. We bring sourcing, project management, communication, collaboration, data management, timesheet, pay, and bill- all on one app. You wouldn’t need anything else.

Here’s how we make this possible.


Your Profile

The starting point for you on your journey with Zelio is creating your profile and become a part of our ecosystem. Your profile is the most important thing and gives a glimpse into what your agency has done and what you can do. Like your LinkedIn profile, your Zelio profile is your face on our network. We are sure you would look your best.

Your Team

Your next step is to create your team. If you already have a team, you can bring it on Zelio and start adding members against your agency profile. If you are a freelancer or starting your business, you can build your team slowly and gradually. We have everything your team needs to get work done and succeed.

Your Work

Now you are on the run and can start allocating projects to your team members. We make it easy for you to break down every project into small tasks and set deadlines against them. Each sub-task has an owner accountable for it. Tracking of all projects and sub-tasks is in one place- on Zelio. Your Zelio App is the Uber truth of everything that is happening in your business.

Your Sales

Grow. Grow. Grow. This is our mantra and will be your mantra too when you join Zelio. You can apply to all open projects and start connecting with leads. We give you some leads for free to kick start your business. You can apply to more when your business is ready to scale. Every lead is an opportunity to open a new revenue stream for your business. You can even cross-sell and up-sell to your existing customers on Zelio. Your sales team will be on their toes all the time on Zelio.

Your Payments

We make it easy to send and receive payments for your business. Now you do not need to wait for checks or bank transfers. All your payments will be online and instant. Your business and your team maintain an easily encashable wallet balance with us. Your team members can submit timesheets online and can receive payments without any delays. Your back-office woes are minimal with Zelio. Everything is just a few clicks away.

Your Conversations

We organize conversations smartly for you, unlike other communication apps.  You will never lose the context, can reply to relevant messages, and keep all necessary conversations on top. Your team can share ideas, files, information, updates, and collaborate in our secure environment. We even make working with other agencies easy and more fun.

Your Data

Data is the new oil for businesses, so we keep it at the center of our app. We strive to make it meaningful for you in your day-to-day business. Collecting, analyzing, and sending structured information on Zelio is super easy. Now keep your key business metrics handy and track your performance.

We have you covered.
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